Razor Blade Smile SE in November

Manga Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Razor Blade Smile - Special Edition for 8th November 2004 priced at £17.99. Lilith Silver should have died in 1850, the innocent victim of a pistol duel between her lover Jack Ryder and the sinister Sir Sethane Blake. Unwilling to let her die, the victorious Blake grants Lilith Silver the gift of eternal life, and the freedom to wander time and kill at will as a vampire.

The present day sees Lilith Silver employed as a head strong contract killer, paid to assassinate the 'Illuminati' - an underground sect whose power is attained through technology and supernatural powers. When Platinum - Lilith's modern day boss and lover - is kidnapped by the "IIIuminati", she falls into a dangerous web of conspiracy One by one, their group is falling pray to the vampire killer and she must be stopped. Lilith, now cornered by the police and IIIuminati, responds as only the undead can by raising the body count in any way possible....

Extra features confirmed so far for this stunning two-disc special edition include:

  • Feature length audio commentary with Director Jake West & Star Eileen Daly
  • Slices of Life - Documentary (features all key cast & crew + archive footage)
  • Club Death - Short Film
  • Cannes '97 Promo Reel with introduction by composer Richard Wells
  • Cannes '97 Trailer
  • Cannes Video Diary
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • CG Test Shots Trailer variation
  • Deleted, Extended & Alernative scenes
  • Evolution of the Dream Sequence
  • Outtakes & Blooper Reel
  • Alternative Poster Artwork
  • Early Fliers Artwork
  • Magazine Cover Scans
  • Photos for Image Galleries
  • Press Pack
  • Final Draft of Script
  • Selected Storyboards of 'Rocks' Action sequence

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