Rabbit Proof Fence from BVHE

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Rabbit Proof Fence for 15th September 2003. Neither the Audio/Video specs nor a retail price have been divulged, so all we have for you is the bonus features list...

  • Following the Rabbit Proof Fence Documentary
  • Feature Commentary with Director Philip Noyce, featuring: Musician Peter Gabriel, Actor Kenneth Branagh, Screenwriter Christine Olsen and author Doris Pilkington
From the PR:

Rabbit Proof Fence , the remarkable true story of a brave and defiant journey in the face of oppression, is out to own on DVD and video from 15 September 2003. Set in the picturesque Australian outback and based on Doris Pilkington’s book about her childhood experiences, this is an eye-opening, emotional and visually spectacular film about three young girls and their determination to regain their freedom.

At the height of the Victorian Empire, ‘half caste’ aboriginal children were wrenched from their homes and imprisoned in government-run camps, where they were trained as domestic servants for Australian whites. Molly, Daisy and Gracie are all part of this ‘Stolen Generation’. Oscar-winning actor Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet, Henry V) gives an outstanding performance as Mr. Neville, the government official in charge of the girls’ ‘assimilation’. Branagh’s chilling rendering of a man obsessed with re-enforcing his own prejudices by capturing the runaway girls is a telling, poignant portrait of the times.

In outstanding performances by an extraordinary young cast, Molly, the oldest girl, leads her sister Daisy and cousin Grace on a courageous escape, in a bid to return to where they belong. Using the white man’s folly against him, the girls follow a government built barbed wire boundary that stretched from the north to the south of the continent to lead them home. Their epic journey is perilous and unforgiving but Molly’s grit and determination keeps them one step ahead of the policemen and aboriginal trackers that pursue them.

Rabbit Proof Fence is directed by Philip Noyce (The Quite American, Patriot Games), hauntingly scored by Peter Gabriel (The Last Temptation Of Christ) and beautifully shot by cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Made, Gus Van Sant’s Psycho). This is an awe-inspiring story, at once disturbing and enlightening. One of the most thrilling, uplifting escape films ever, at the core of this movie lies a heart-wrenching, thought-provoking message of hope and defiance. Go on a journey you’ll never forget – Own Rabbit Proof Fence on DVD and video from 15 September 2003

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