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Here are some brief ‘snippets’ of information on forthcoming R1 releases...

Buffy fans who have been waiting for the R1 DVDs rejoice as Fox have already announced the second season box set for a June release.

Artisan have a selection of re-issues and all-new titles due over the coming months. Starting in February we will see Soul Survivors, while in March will we finally get an Anamorphic Widescreen edition of Glengarry Glen Ross? We can only hope! April will see Novacaine, while May gets Good Advice, Snow White (Miranda Richardson) and one to look forward to for Stallone fans, a presumably all new Rambo Trilogy DVD Special Edition Box Set. Continuing with the reissues in July we will finally get a Reservoir Dogs SE, also available in July will be Dinotopia. September sees another two re-issues in the form of It's A Wonderful Life SE and Stargate SE. You can also expect Frank Herbert's Dune Special Edition in the middle of the year sometime.

And finally, the oft reliable Digital Bits Rumour Mill has reported Warner are looking to release their 2-disc Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on May 28th with the recent remake, Oceans 11 set for a May 7th release.

Thanks as always to The Digital Bits and DVDFile for the information.

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