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Prison Break Season 4 (R1) in June

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Prison Break Season 4 on 2nd June 2009. The fourth and final season sees Wentworth Miller return as Michael Scofield who is now looking to take ‘The Company’ head on after the hell they’ve put him and his family through.

The fourth season box-set includes all 22 broadcast episodes spread across six discs with extras including a preview of the upcoming direct-to-DVD “Prison Break” movie.

Disc One
“Scylla & Breaking and Entering”
-Commentary by Zack Estrin, Kevin Hooks, Matt Olmstead, Nick Santora and Karyn Usher
“Shut Down”
“Eagles and Angels”

Disc Two
“Safe and Sound”
“Blow Out”
-Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Graham Roland, Christian Trokey and Kalinda Vazquez
“Five the Hard Way”
“The Price”

Disc Three
“Greatness Achieved”
-Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Nick Santora, Christian Trokey and Agatha Warren
“The Legend”
“Quiet Riot”
-Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Nick Santora, Karyn Usher, Kalinda Vazquez and Nick Wootton

Disc Four
“Deal or No Deal”
“Just Business”
-Commentary by William Fitchner, Mark Helfrich, Matt Olmstead and Graham Roland
“Going Under”
-Commentary by Zack Estrin, Matt Olmstead, Dawn Olmstead and Karyn Usher
“The Sunshine State”
-Commentary by Seth Hoffman, Kevin Hooks, Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton

Disc Five
“The Mother Lode”
- Commentary by Garry A. Brown, Dominic Purcell, Karyn Usher and Kalinda Vazquez
“Cowboys and Indians”
-Commentary by Zack Estrin, Nick Santora, Agatha Warren and Nick Wootton

Disc Six
“Rates of Exchange”
“Killing Your Number”
Special Features:
-“Fade to Black: The Final Episode”
-Director’s World

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