Princess Mononoke R2 Japanese Release Announced!

Buena Vista Japan have announced the R2 Japanese release of Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) and oh boy, it really is something special!

Available on the 21st November 2001 are TWO Mononoke Hime related releases, both 3 disc sets! The first release contains 2 versions of the film, both the Japanese release and the International Release (Different Opening/Ending Titles and voice dubs) are present along with a Multi-Angle presentation of the film and storyboards (just like the previous releases of Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle of Cagliostro), while the second release is a 6 hour Documentary on the making of Mononoke Hime.

Although no mention of the Audio/Visual specs for the film release have been made I think it is safe to assume we will see an Anamorphic NTSC print with Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio for both the Japanese and English Soundtracks.

The initial specs are....

Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) DVD (Region 2)
3 Disk Set (Film, Storyboards, International Version)
Includes 'Mononoke Hime in the USA', a 20 minute documentary focusing on the US release of Mononoke.
4700 yen (£28)

Mononoke Hime wa Koushite Umareta (How Princess Mononoke was Born) DVD (Region2)
3 Disk Set Comprising of....
Part 1 - Kami no ue no dorama (A Drama On Paper) - 132minutes
Part 2 - Inochi ga fukikomareta (Life Has Been Breathed Into It) - 137minutes
Part 3 - (The Day The Record Was Broken) - 130minutes
This exhaustive documentary about the making of Princess Mononoke was previously only available as a VHS Boxset in Japan.
4700 yen (£28)

Currently there is no information regarding an English subtitle track on either of the releases, although I think it is safe to assume the film will contain English subtitles, it is less likely that the documentary will. Still, for myself and many other fans the documentary is a must buy, and for those interested then please take a look at the excellent summary (here is your translation!) of Part 1 provided over at

Look out for more information on these titles in further Anime news updates, and of course a full review upon release.

Thanks to Lee Johnson of Ghibli DVD Comparisons for the news.

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