Predator and Speed: Special Editions coming soon

According to a news report over at Dark Horizons, 20th Century Fox will be releasing special editions of both Predator and Speed fairly soon.

Both films will received the two-disc treatment and will benefit from the inclusion of DTS soundtracks and new anamorphic transfers. Extras appear to look like this:

- Audio commentary with Director John McTiernan
- Text commentary
- 30-minute documentary
- Seven featurettes on the film's making
- "Arnold fleeing Predator" deleted scene
- Outtakes
- A look at the "red-suit" special effects
- Stills gallery
- Predator profile & Camouflage Tests

- Audio commentary with Director Jan de Bont and writer Graham Yost
- Seven extended scenes
- Five featurettes
- Multi-angle sequences such as the Bus Jump and Subway Crash with up to nine angles employed
- Nine multi-angle storyboard comparisons
- Interviews with cast and crew
- HBO making-of special
- Eleven TV spots
- Theatrical trailer
- Billy Idol music video

Thanks to Bardo for the heads-up.

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