Potential Buffy/Angel dates

Further to our news story earlier this morning, I have some insider information regarding dates for the Season 3 Buffy Boxset and the Season 1 Angel release.

First up, Buffy is expected on 29 October. It'll once again be a six-disc set with five featurettes, four commentaries, TV spots and scripts. Sounds remakably like the Season 2 boxset really doesn't it!

Now for the interesting one. My source tells me that Angel: Season One is expected on 10 December - however all my previous information suggests a simultaneous Buffy Season Four and Angel Season One release and I very much doubt that we'll be seeing another Buffy release so soon after the previous one. I remain sceptical on this one but my fingers are crossed all the same! My source also mentions we can expect outtakes and commentaries amongst other stuff and this release will take the form of a six-disc boxset as well.

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