Porco Rosso R2 Japan Release Date

In a previous news update (see Here) I mentioned the R3 Taiwanese Studio Ghibli Release schedule and how it may be an example of what order to expect the Japanese Schedule to take...

Well, today Amazon Japan now have Porco Rosso available for Pre-Order with a release date of 8th March 2002 which certainly matches the release order of the Taiwanese schedule (only a few months in advance). So far we do not have any further details although I would think a 2-Disc set with Storyboards/Film Multiangle feature and English Dub/Subs will come as standard for the 4700yen Retail Price.

With regards to the Taiwanese Release schedule we can now reveal (with thanks to Mr.Vampire from the DVDForums) that Princess Mononoke will be released to R3 DVD in Taiwan in March 2002.

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