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Playstation 3 in November

In an underwhelming press conference last night held pre-show at E3 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment revealed all on the Playstation 3. Touted as the first truly next-generation console the combination of real-time playable games and pre-rendered attract sequences left many hardcore gamers cold with very little hinting at a great gaming experience. Only Heavenly Sword and Metal Gear Solid 4 really managed to raise the blood above room temperature, while the revelation of a standard-looking dual shock controller going wireless and incorporating motion sensors brought with it a wave of negativity in the crowd I was watching with as the word “innovation” was thrown repeatedly in the viewer’s face.

We’re not here to report on the games though, instead DVDTimes is interested in the Blu-ray Disc feature of the PS3 and the prospect of Sony’s new baby offering the first relatively affordable entrance into the format. Arriving in two configurations, the Playstation 3 will debut in Japan on 11th November, and then follow in North America, Europe and Australia on 17th November.

With a hard-drive coming as standard, the main reference point for the different configurations is the 20GB and 60GB capacity, with the prices set at $499/€499 and $599/€599 respectively (approximately £340 and £410 based on the Euro pricepoints). There are some other differences however, with the 20GB model also stripped of its HDMI output (some would say essential for the full benefits of Blu-ray), memory-card inputs and Wi-Fi capability.

As standard the Playstation 3 offers full HD output through to 1080P, is also SD compatible with 480I and 480P, while its optical drive can read Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD and SACD formats.

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