Peter Sellers Collection

Momentum have announced their upcoming Region 2 release of The Peter Sellers Collection. This release comprises of four vintage films - The Smallest Show on Earth, Carlton Browne of the F.O., Two Way Stretch and Hoffman.

The Smallest Show on Earth sees an impoverished young couple (Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna) inherit an old small-town cinema. Unfortunately, it's falling apart so their plans to sell it for a tidy profit to The Bijou seem a little far-fetched. To compound their problems, the unlucky couple have to deal with an alcoholic projectionist (Sellers), Old Tom the doorman (Bernard Miles), dotty ticket seller Mrs Fazackalee (Margaret Rutherford), a ruthless competitor and a close-proximity railway track.

Carlton Browne of the F.O. is a film from the legendary Boulting Brothers and stars amongst others, Terry-Thomas and John Le Mesurier. Sellers plays Amphibulos, the corrupt Prime Minister of the small Pacific island of Gallardia who hopes to profit from renewed interest in his homeland as a result of the King's death and the rumoured discovery of valuable mineral deposits. Carlton Browne (Terry Thomas) is the hapless man from the British Foreign Office sent to re-establish friendly relations withthe idealistic heir to the throne (Ian Bannen).

Two Way Stretch combines great acting and fast-paced storytelling with hilarius one-liners and slapstick. Convicts Dodger Lane (Sellers), Lennie Price (Bernard Cribbins) and Jelly Knight (David Lodge) have planned the perfect robbery. Aided by a crooked clergyman Soapy Stevens (Wilfred Hyde White), they will escape from the prison, relieve a maharajah of his jewls and nip back into the prison without anyone having noticed their absence.

Finally, Hoffman sees Sellers playing an office worker who is enamoured with Janet Smith (Sinead Cusack), a young and attractive secretary. On the eve of her marriage, Hoffman blackmails Janet into spending a week with him.

The Peter Sellers Collection will be released on 15 October retailing at £29.99. Technical details on the discs are unavailable.

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