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Peace Hotel in June - Art & Menus added

Optimum Asia have announced the UK DVD release of Peace Hotel for 26th June 2006 priced at £15.99. Chow-Yun Fat’s last film before leaving for Hollywood, Peace Hotel is an action-packed tale of sin and redemption, produced by John Woo.

Chow (Hard Boiled, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) plays a legendary killer who slaughters his entire gang after the death of his wife. As penance, he opens the Peace Hotel, a sanctuary for criminals, seedy characters and anyone seeking safety. As long as patrons can make their way to the hotel, they are allowed to stay indefinitely and The Killer guarantees their protection.

After several peaceful years, an arrogant female thief (Cecilia Yip) telling outlandish lies barges into the hotel - with an angry posse hot on her heels. The posse accuses the woman of murdering their chief and vows to attack the hotel unless the woman gives herself up. Torn between his golden rule of never asking anyone to leave and his vow to protect the patrons of his haven, The Killer prepares for a blazing showdown.

Presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with Cantonese Stereo sound and English subtitles, there are no extras.

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