Paul Weller - Live at Braehead

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have announced the UK Region 0 DVD release of Paul Weller - Live At Braehead for 8th September 2003 with a retail price of £15.99. This live concert was filmed on 16th October 2002; the second show in a 2-night engagement at Glasgow's Braehead Arena, during the nationwide tour of Paul Weller's last major studio album, Illumination. This DVD offers over 30 songs in a performance totalling 128-minutes, all presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with a choice between DD5.1 and DTS 5.1 Surround audio.

Here is a look at the DVD Artwork along with further details from the press release including the full track list...

Weller's rare Scottish performance was the first time Braehead arena had been utilised as a concert venue. It was also the first time Weller incorporated non-acoustic versions of classic Jam songs into his solo material. The DVD and video boasts 30 songs with a collective running time of over 2 hours. In addition to performing songs from his solo albums Stanley Road, Wild Wood, Heavy Soul, Heliocentric and Illumination, Weller includes a selection of songs from his Style Council days (Down In The Seine, Man Of Great Promise, and Our Favourite Shop).

Jam enthusiasts will be in their element as Weller performs powerful renditions of In The Crowd from the Jam's third studio album, All Mod Cons (1978), and Pretty Green and Man In The Cornershop from the Jam's fifth studio album, Sound Affects (1980). Towards the end of the concert, Weller performs a startling rendition of A Town Called Malice, which originally appeared on the Jam's sixth and final studio album, The Gift (1982).

Mixed in stunning DTS 5.1 surround and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, Paul Weller - Live at Braehead is the ultimate live performance that spans his illustrious career, proving that Weller is one of England's few remaining important songwriting talents.

A Bullet For Everyone - 4:06 (Illumination)
Into Tomorrow - 3:14 (Paul Weller)
Bull Rush - 5:26 (Paul Weller)
It's Written In The Stars - 3:09 (Illumination)
Going Places - 3:27 (Illumination)
Friday Street - 2:28 (Heavy Soul)
Man In The Corner Shop - 3:17 (Sound Affects)
Now The Night Is Here - 3:46 (Illumination)
Leafy Mysteries - 2:59 (Illumination)
One X One - 5:01 (Illumination)
Hung Up - 2:44 (Wild Wood)
Sunflower - 3:58 (Wild Wood)
In The Crowd - 4:15 (All Mod Cons)
Broken Stones - 3:58 (Stanley Road)
Picking Up Sticks - 6:41 (Heliocentric)
Bagman - 3:19 (Illumination)
Who Brings Joy - 3:17 (Illumination)
Down The Seine - 4:11 (Our Favourite Shop)
Man Of Great Promise - 2:35 (Our Favourite Shop)
Brand New Start - 4:11 (Modern Classics)
All Good Books - 3:17 (Illumination)
Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) - 5:04 (Wild Wood)
Porcelain Gods - 5:22 (Stanley Road)
Pretty Green - 2:50 (Sound Effects)
Whirlpool's End - 6:44 (Stanley Road)
The Changingman - 3:25 (Stanley Road)
Peacock Suit - 2:53 (Heavy Soul)
Town Called Malice - 3:10 (The Gift)
Standing Out In The Universe - 5:00 (Illumination)
Wild Wood - 4:05 (Wild Wood)

*Word in brackets denotes the album the songs originally appeared on.

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