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Pathé launch a new collection of World Cinema titles in September - Artwork added

Pathé Distribution Ltd have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of a new collection of World Cinema titles. ‘Your Other Cinema’ is a collection of new-to-DVD titles, released in three separate stages from September 26th priced at £15.99 each.

The first wave consists of ten releases from respected directors, with well-known stars - these award-winning and acclaimed films cover a range of genres to suit everyone’s taste.

The Barber of Siberia – Romance/Drama - Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov and starring Julia Ormond. Set in turn of the century Russia, the film explores a passionate and epic love story about lost love, betrayal and the human spirit.

Amen – Drama/War - Adapted from Rolf Hochhuth’s 1963 play, ‘The Representatives’, Costa-Gavras based his film on the true story of a SS Officer (Ulrich Tukur) who tries to alert the Vatican to the Holocaust.

Burnt by the Sun - Drama - From the same director of The Barber of Siberia, Burnt by the Sun won the 1995 Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards® and is set against the political corruption of the Stalin era.

Ma vie sexuelle – Drama/Comedy - Arnaud Desplechin’s startlingly imaginative film looks at a group of young Parisians, particularly Assistant University Professor Paul who is torn between three women!

Kikujiro – Drama/Comedy - An enchanting and heart-warming story by the director of ‘Zatoichi’ - Takeshi Kitano. This highly visual road movie follows a small time gangster and nine-year old boy as they go in the search for the boy’s long lost mother.

Love etc. – Comedy/Romance - Based on the novel by Julian Barnes, director Marion Vernoux explores the dynamics of relationships between a woman in search of love, her reliable husband and his less dependable best friend.

Le bonheur est dans le pré - Comedy - A satirical comedy directed by Etienne Chatilez and starring Eric Cantona in his acting debut. The story follows a French businessman who swaps his life, and wife, for a more idyllic existence as a farmer in the country.

Les destinées sentimentales – Drama/Romance - A sophisticated period drama based on the novel by Jacques Chardonne. The story follows the obstacles two lovers face in France in the early 1900’s. Starring Emmanuelle Béart, Charles Berling, Isabelle Huppert, and Olivier Perrier.

Le dîner de cons - Comedy - Wednesday is the day for idiots! Pierre Brochant must find the biggest idiot he can and invite him to dinner with his friends in this hilarious comedy!

Three Seasons - Drama - Award-winning and critically acclaimed debut feature from Vietnamese director Tony Bui. The story looks at four contrasting traditions in contemporary Vietnam.

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