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Pasolini Volume 1 in February

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Pasolini Volume 1 for 26th February 2007 priced at £39.99. One of the most important filmmakers of world cinema, Pier Paolo Pasolini has made a reputation for himself as one of the main voices of post-war Italy. He was a renowned poet and author, writing screenplays for both Fellini and Bertolucci before turning to directing. He shared the same approach to film-making as the leaders of France's Nouvelle Vague, Truffaut and Godard. He frequently took the social outcasts and working class as his subjects, but also brought in his Marxist tendencies and homosexuality as themes to berate the controlling powers of the state. These films reveal his emerging talent as one of this cinematic poet and revolutionary, who has influenced directors such as Scorsese.

Accatone! (1961)
Set in Rome's slums, this gritty first feature explores the world of petty thieves and prostitutes. The focus is on Accatone, a young pimp, who thrives on crime. When he falls in love, he contemplates leaving it all behind and going straight. Circumstances conspire against him. The brutal depiction of real life also reveals his continual obsession with social outcasts. It also marks the starts of fellow director's career, Bertolucci .

RoGoPaG (1962)
Four film-makers provided a short film which all brought to together under the umbrella title, RoGoPaG. Pasolini's segment, La Ricotta is a biting satire which angered the Church which accused him of blasphemy and led to a short prison sentence. It stars Orson Welles as a director trying to make a film about the Crucifixion with the cast made up of peasants and a Jesus who has sex with boys. Ironically, his next movie, The Gospel According To St Matthew, is revered as one of the most pious, faithful Biblical adaptations. The other short films are by Jean-Luc Godard Rossellini, and Ugo Gregoretti.

Love Meetings (1964)
Focussing on sex as the subject for this documentary, Pasolini wanders through Rome interviewing people about their attitides towards marriage, divorce, prostitution, homosexuality and infidelity. His interviewees are chosen from different social backgrounds and represent a wide age range. Their opinions are often frank and honest, proving both philosophical and amusing, as well as revealing their own prejudices and even disgust. A delicious slice of Italian mores in the '60s.

Features are TBC.

Currently scheduled for April Pasolini Volume 2 will include Hawks & Sparrows, Oedipus Rex and Pigsty.

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