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Pasolini Vol.2 in May

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Pasolini Volume 2 for 14th May 2007 priced at £39.99. One of the most important filmmakers of world cinema, Piers Paolo Pasolini has made a reputation for himself as one of the main voices of post-war Italy. He was a renowned poet and author, writing screenplays for both Fellini and Bertolucci before turning to directing. He shared the same approach to film-making as the leaders of France's Nouvelle Vague, Truffaut and Godard. He frequently took the social outcasts and working class as his subjects, but also brought in his Marxist tendencies and homosexuality as themes to berate the controlling powers of the state. These films reveal his emerging talent as one of this cinematic poet and revolutionary, who has influenced directors such as Scorsese.

Tartan’s first boxset, released on 26th February, contains Accatone! RoGoPaG; and Love Meetings.

Hawks and Sparrows (1966)
Possibly his most unconventional movie,. A man and his son set out on life's journey, accompanied by a Marxist talking crow which comments on the passing landscape. Amongst their many encounters is St Francis, who's determined to convert them, including the crow. This is a surreal fable, with that touch of Don Quixote, which sets two innocents in a world that's dominated by the Church and Marxism. Having cast one of Italy's top clowns, Toto, in the lead role, the sense of tragi-comedy is enhanced.

Oedipus Rex (1967)
Based on the classical tale by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex is the tale of a young man who never knew his parents. An oracle foretells a tragic fate which comes to pass when he unknowingly murders his father and marries his mother. Filmed in Morocco, it's also a lavish costume drama complete with swordfights and powerful performances from two of his regular actors Franco Citti, (also renowned for The Godfather) and Silvana Mangano (Death In Venice).

Pigsty (1968)
Two unrelated tales that explore the darker side of the human condition. The first is set in medieval times as a wandering soldier descends into cannibalism, developing a loyal band of bloody-thirsty followers. It stars Pierre Clementi (The Leopard and The Conformist). The second focuses on a successful businessman, and son of a former Nazi, whose confused passions lead him to find more pleasure with pigs than with his fiancé. Truffaut regular Jean-Pierre Leaud (400 Blows) plays the lead. Pigsty shadows the later satire of The Decameron or savagery of Salo, or the Last 120 Days of Sodom, and bears comparison to Buñuel. Its comments on the savage beast within man remain startling and shocking for modern audiences.

DVD extras include: Pasolini’s novel, ‘Ragazzo’

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