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Paramount UK TV on DVD July-September

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced their UK TV on DVD release plans for July through to September 2007. A mixture of the new and old, from classic TV series making their UK DVD debuts like The Untouchables and The Brady Bunch, there is also the new drama series Jericho to look forward to…

King of Queens Season 2 - 9th July

Doug (Kevin James, Everybody Loves Raymond,) and Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini, Fired Up) are a loving blue-collar couple from Queens, New York, who share their humble home with Carrie’s eccentric, widowed father Arthur (Jerry Stiller, Seinfeld). Starring Emmy award winning Kevin James as Doug; Leah Remini as Carrie; Jerry Stiller as Arthur, it’s a must see for any comedy fan.

Season 2 includes more seat squirmingly funny shows including an episode where Doug’s ego becomes over-inflated when a waitress starts to flirt with him and Carrie’s compulsive cheating at games comes to the fore. The three disc box set contains 25 episodes with additional special features, including commentary by Kevin James and creator-executive producer Michael Weithorn.

Frasier Season 7 – 9th July

Set in Seattle, and a spin-off from hit TV series Cheers, the show gives Frasier Crane, played by Emmy Award winning Kelsey Grammar – and his famous dry wit centre stage. Continuing his career as a radio psychiatrist, living with his father and his physical care assistant Daphne Moon and with the additional tribulations of his obsessive brother, Niles Frasier, his life is more challenging then ever.

Season 7 is a four disc set where viewers will finally see the long anticipated coming together of Niles (David Hyde Pierce) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) in the Emmy-nominated season finale “Something Borrowed, Someone Blue”. However, it isn’t all Niles and Daphne, Frasier continues to amuse with episodes including an obsession with a date that looks like his mother.

Dead Zone Season 4 – 23rd July

Against all odds, John Smith (Antony Michael Hall) comes out of a six year coma to discover he has gained a psychic ability. Based on the Stephen King novel of the same title, John Smith uses his newfound powers to solve crime and help others. Aided by Sarah Bracknell Bannerman (Nicole DeBoer), Sheriff Walt Bannerman (Chris Bruno), and physical therapist Bruce Lewis (John Adams) John’s visions successfully aid them in the local police force in their investigations.

Season 4 sees Johnny reunited with a brilliant former student, encounter a young woman with psychic powers of her own, help an autistic boy save his father from execution and get to the bottom of a long-dead rock star who may have faked his own death. Johnny also delves into his own past as he demands the truth about his father when he is disturbed by visions of the past.

Brady Brunch Season 1 – 3rd September

With its instantly recognisable theme tune the Brady Bunch is the wholesome story of Carol and Mike Brady who married, bringing Carol's three daughters Marcia, Cindy and Jan; and Mike's three son's Greg, Peter and Bobby; together in one large family. Dealing with the growing '70s issue of the blended family (a marriage bringing together children from previous relationships) it won a place in the hearts of fans in America and the globe over.

Season 1’s four disc box set covers the beginning of the Brady Bunch story in a DVD for the whole family.

Happy Days Season 1 – 3rd September

Happy Days, a cult Emmy and Golden Globe winning American TV sitcom has followers of every age and is a firm family favourite. Set in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the 1950s and aired between 1974 and 1984, events focus on Richie Cunningham (played by now acclaimed Director – Ron Howard) and his family – parents Howard and Marion and brother and sister Chuck and Joanie.

Get your collection started with Happy Days Season 1, featuring 16 episodes on a three-disc set and includes episodes such as "All The Way", where Richie dates a girl with a "reputation" and "The Lemon", where Richie and Potsie buy a less-than-dependable car. It also sees Henry Winkler’s character 'The Fonz' shift from a sideline character to the star of the show due to popular viewer demand.

JAG Season 2 – 10th September

JAG stands for Judge Advocate General, an elite legal wing of officers trained as lawyers to investigate, prosecute and defend crimes in the military. Originally aired from 1995, this American TV series focuses on Navy Cmdr. Harmon Rabb (David James Elliott), an ace pilot turned lawyer, and Marine Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) as they deal with all manner of intriguing, gripping and tense cases including murder, treason and terrorism.

From the award winning Donald P. Belissario (NCIS, Magnum PI, Quantum Leap), this is a must for any military fans. The four disc box set features episode commentaries by the cast and crew, additional behind the scenes footage and a ‘the making of’ featurette.

Jericho Season 1 – 24th September

This CBS American drama revolves around the residents of Jericho, a small rural Kansas town, in the aftermath of a series of nuclear explosions across the USA. Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich, Scream) returns home to Jericho to briefly visit his family before becoming stranded by the explosions. He becomes a hero to the town as he helps to protect it and its residents.

Season 1 sees the town begin its struggle to survive; unaware that one of their own residents, Robert Hawkins knows much more about the attacks that took place than he is letting on.

Invaders – 17th September

US science-fiction TV hit – Invaders aired during the ‘60s. Created by Larry Cohen it tells the story of extra-terrestrials who flee their dying planet and come to conquer Earth. Roy Thinnes stars as architect David Vincent who accidentally learns of the plot and makes it his mission to foil them at every turn.

Invaders is a must for fans of science fiction and seventies drama everywhere.

Mod Squad Season 1 Part 1 – 24th September

This 1970’s police television series has an undercurrent of the social spirit of the time. Its youthful crime fighting team of Captain Greer, Pete Cochran, and Julie Barnes, Linc Hayes, use their alternative street knowledge to investigate and solve crime. This television series is a gritty drama of life in the inner cities of America.

The DVD release of Season 1 Part 1 of Mod Squad is part of a four disc box set produced by Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas.

Streets of San Francisco Season 1 Part 1 – 24th September

Starring Hollywood super star Michael Douglas and Richard Hatch as undercover homicide detectives, Lt. Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller investigative and solve crime for the San Francisco police department. Action packed and full of stylish Seventies references, this police detective television series is pure entertainment.

The three disc box set extras include the original pilot episode, a four minute interview with Michael Douglas and Karl Malden on the shows set.

Untouchables Season 1 Part 1 – 24th September

This iconic 1959 television series depicts the American government’s campaign to uphold the violently unpopular Probation law passed in the twenties. Set against the backdrop of Al Capone’s alcohol empire in Chicago, notorious law-abiding federal agent Eliot Ness aims to clean up his city. The series focuses on Ness who enters a corrupt Chicago police precinct, were the only men he can trust are a handpicked squad of "reliable, courageous, dedicated and honest" men. With their help he challenges Capone’s criminal authority with hard-hitting consequences.

The four disc box set displays the talent of Robert Bice, Oscar Beregi Junior and Carl Milletaire whilst showcasing the series which went on to inspire the seminal Kevin Costner Hollywood film of the same name.

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