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Paramount TV on DVD in October

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the following Region 1 TV on DVD releases for October…

5th October 2010

Medium Season 6 - Extras include:

  • The Mind Behind Medium
  • The 100th Episode of Medium: A Celebration
  • Zombies on the Loose: The Making of 'Bite Me'
  • The Music of Medium
  • Non-Fat Double Medium

12th October 2010

CSI: Miami – Season 8 - Extras include:
  • MDPD Files: Jesse Cardoza & Walter Simmons
  • Commentary: Don Tardino, Claudia Yarmy, Emily Procter & Adam Rodriguez (episode TBC)
  • Commentary: Sam Hill, Larry Detwiler, James Wilcox and Paul Codiga (episode TBC)
  • Bonus Ep - CSI: NY - Hammer Down
  • Bonus Ep - CSI - The Lost Girls
  • It’s Been Reel: Saying Goodbye to Film
  • Twist of Eight: Season in Review
  • Blast To The Past
  • Leaving Las Vegas: Langston Heads East
  • Bear Necessities

Ghost Whisperer: The Final Season - Extras include:
  • Celebrating 100
  • A Season of Changes
  • A Triple Threat
  • The Other Side IV Webseries
  • Ghost Town
  • Ghosts of Rockland Memorial

The Tudors: The Final Season - Extras include:
  • UNITED STATES OF TARA, Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2
  • Possible sneak peak of THE BORGOIS

26th October 2010

CSI: New York Season 6 - Extras include:
  • Commentary: Pam Veasey and Allison Liddi-Brown (Episode TBC)
  • Featurette: A House Killer
  • Featurette: Better Than Botox
  • Bonus Ep - CSI: Miami - Bone Voyage
  • Featurette: Creation Of A Crime Scene
  • Bonus Ep - CSI: The Lost Girls
  • Commentary: Norberto Barba & Vaughan Edwards (Episode TBC)
  • Featurette: Seeing Stars
  • Featurette: Leaving Las Vega: Langston Heads East
  • Featurette: A Closer Examination: Dr. Sid Hammerback
  • Featurette: East Coast Heroes

Tales From the Darkside: The Final Season - Extras include featurettes Akhbar's Daughter & Attic Suite.

War of the Worlds: The Final Season - There are no extras.

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