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Ozu Collection Vol.4 in January

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Ozu: Volume 4 for 29th January 2007 priced at £29.99. Ozu’s reputation as the master of quiet power and understated drama has won his increasing fans worldwide. Tartan Video presents the last two films in its Ozu Collection, both in colour from the last years of his life.

Late Autumn (1960)
Melancholy blends with comedy in this affectionate, warmly observed drama. A widow can’t allow her daughter to devote the rest of her life to caring for her, and so sets about trying to find her a suitor, even though it mean she will be left alone in her old age. However, the friends of her late husband decide they will find both of them husbands. His lead star is also his main muse, Setsuko Hara, who played Nokio in Late Spring, Early Summer, and Tokyo Story, whilst the younger Yoko Tsukasa appears in Kurosawa’s Yojimbo.

An Early Autumn (1962)
This is Ozu’s final film and it contains the main themes prominent in his work – generation gap, Westernisation, and marriage. A widower lives with his daughter, who is happy to continually care for him. However, he is determined to find her a husband and sets about arranging a suitable marriage. The strength of the film is in his ability to observe events without passing judgement. It also features Tokyo Twilight’s Chishu Ryu who remained acting into the 1990s in Kurosawa’s Dreams. A touching end to an extraordinary career.

Both film presented in original Academy ratio. Extras are TBC.

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