Ozu Boxset 2 in June

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Ozu Boxset 2 for 27th June 2005 priced at £29.99. Considered one of the greats of world cinema, Yasujiro Ozu’s reputation has grown since his death in 1963. It was only towards the end of his career that he gained his reputation in the West standing now alongside such international luminaries as Bunuel, Bergman, and his contemporary countryman, Kurosawa. And with the recent centenary anniversary of his birth, audiences have rediscovered the quiet contemplative world of domestic, middle-class life in his movies, almost the filmic equivalent of still-life painting. Following on from the first Ozu Boxset, Tartan Video is now proud to release a digitally remastered box-set of two of his more popular films, Record Of A Tenement Gentleman and Flavour Of Green Tea Over Rice, which demonstrate the gently comic nature of his work.

Record Of A Tenement Gentleman (1947)
A widow reluctantly shelters a lost boy for the night. Discovering that he was abandoned by his impoverished carpenter father, she agrees to look after him for a night. When she discovers he still wets the bed, she has second thoughts until she makes a pact with the boy. A warmly optimistic tale but poignantly capturing the melancholic disintegration of Japanese family life.

Flavour Of Green Tea Over Rice (1952)
One of Ozu’s more light-hearted yet touching films. A middle-class, middle-aged people have come to realise their arranged relationship is losing its excitement. Ozu uses far more camera movement that usual, following the action both inside and outside, weaving a delicately observed tale of rekindled love.

The second volume of key works from one of Japan's greatest directors is mastered from the best available source materials and includes an insightful audio commentary for Record of a Tenement Gentleman by film historian Derek Malcolm. You will also find restoration featurettes and photo galleries.

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