Ozu Box-Set - The Noriko Trilogy in December

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Ozu Box-Set - The Noriko Trilogy for 6th December 2004 priced at £49.99. Considered one of the greats of world cinema, Yasujiro Ozu’s reputation has grown since his death in 1963. It was only towards the end of his career that he gained his reputation in the West standing now alongside such international luminaries as Bunuel, Bergman, and his contemporary countryman, Kurosawa. And with the recent centenary anniversary of his birth, audiences have rediscovered the quiet contemplative world of domestic, middle-class life in his movies, almost the filmic equivalent of still-life painting. Tartan Video is proud to release a digitally remastered box-set of three of his films, including the perennial favourite, Tokyo Story. It is also trilogy which celebrates the skills of one of Japan’s leading actresses, Setsuko Hara. Renowned film critics such as Chris Darke, Geoff Andrew, and Philip Strick will provide selected scene commentaries which add invaluable insight into the director’s skills and themes.

Late Spring (1949)
A young woman has sacrificed her own dependence and family life in order to dedicate herself to her widowed father. Worried that she will continue living a lonely life, he leads her to believe he is going to remarry. An exquisitely restrained drama of great simplicity, capturing many of the themes he explores in later films.

Early Summer (1951)
Family relations break down when the young daughter rejects the husband which her parents have chosen for her. Preferring to marry the man of her choice, it sets a conflict of interests which rupture family traditions. Ozu brings out compassion and the complexity of the situation, exploring the aspirations of three generations.

Tokyo Story (1953)
An aging couple journey from their rural village to visit their two married children in bustling, post-war Tokyo. From a simple tale unfolds one of the greatest of all Japanese films, which frequently appears in lists of best films of all time. It reprises one of the director’s favourite themes – that of generational conflict – in a way that is quintessentially Japanese and yet so universal in its appeal.

Following a delay and change of titles The Noriko Trilogy is the first in Tartan's Ozu collections, with each film digitally remastered and presented in the original academy aspect ratio.

Future Ozu releases: Autumn Afternoon; Flavour of Green Tea Over Rice; Equinox Flower; Good Morning; and Record of a Tenement Gentleman.

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