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Over There (R2) in May - Artwork added

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Over There for 1st May 2006 priced at £39.99. From Steve Bochco creator of LA Law, NYPD Blue and Murder One, comes the contemporary and controversial television series, Over There.

Directed by Greg Yaitaines (Lost, CSI: NY, Nip/ Tuck) and Nelson McCormick (CSI, West Wing), Over There depicts the day-to-day life of a group of rookie soldiers on their first tour of duty in Iraq. The pilot episode introduces the group of young men and women, all in their early twenties, as they say their goodbyes to their loved ones on the morning they set out to war.

‘Over there’ they are placed under the control of Sergeant “Scream” Silas (Eric Palladino: CSI, Law & Order), who is charged with keeping them alive in the midst of the trenches, landmines, gunfire, politics and PR of modern day warfare. Within the first week, the recruits’ anticipation and fear is replaced by wide-eyed terror as they try to come to terms with the brutality of their daily lives and the intrinsic barbarism that keeps them alive.

The graphic reality of the soldiers’ lives on the battlefield is contrasted by the lives of their families at home. In between the infrequent emails and calls from Iraq, the ones left behind are forced to go on, even if for some, that means moving on alone.

The four-disc box-set contains all thirteen episodes of the series, as well as a detailed eighty minute “making of” documentary.

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