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Outcast of the Islands (UK) in January

MovieMail have announced the UK DVD release - and international DVD premiere - of Carol Reed’s Outcast of the Islands on 23rd January 2012, available exclusively from MovieMail.

From the press release:

Based on a Joseph Conrad story, Outcast of the Islands stars Trevor Howard (in magnificent form) as the morally compromised Willems, who finds himself stranded on a remote Indian Ocean trading outpost, where his malign influence soon spreads to all around him, including fellow English ex-pat Almayer (Robert Morley) and the crafty native Babalatchi (George Coulouris). Then Willems finds himself enthralled by the daughter of the local chieftain, but finds his lust turned against him by an Arab trader eager to get a share of business.

With its indelible images of tropical life and fine central performances from Trevor Howard and Robert Morley, Outcast of the Islands, which Carol Reed made after Odd Man Out, The Fallen Idol and The Third Man, is one of cinema's finest adaptations from Joseph Conrad and should be far better known.

To pre-order the disc with MovieMail click here.

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