Ong Bak (Eastern Eye R0) in August

Eastern Eye will release Ong Bak on R0 DVD in Australia on 24th August 2005. The film that introduced the world to new martial arts sensation Tony Jaa is arriving in Australia courtesy of Eastern Eye on a DVD release that many fans are saying is the one to own. This is mostly because unlike the Fox R1 and Premier Asia R2 releases the Eastern Eye DVD includes the original untouched Thai cut of the movie complete with original music.

The two-disc special edition includes both the ‘Luc Besson International’ cut and the original director’s cut on disc one with over 200 minutes of extra features on the bonus disc...

  • Luc Besson International ONG BAK Feature
  • Special UNCUT Thai ONG BAK Feature
  • Thai DD5.1 Surround
  • English subtitles
  • Born for the Fight - Thai boxing Documentary (51 mins)
  • Muay Thai 9 moves demonstration (7 mins)
  • Making of ONG BAK (48 mins)
  • Behind the scenes (6 mins)
  • Tony Jaa interview (7 mins)
  • Director interview (12 mins)
  • International film premieres (6 mins)
  • French music video (4 mins)
  • Storyboard Comparison (2 mins)
  • Rehearsals (3 mins)
  • 3D Animatic comparison (3 mins)
  • Tony Jaa fight demonstration (5 mins)
  • International Trailers- France, Thai etc..(7 mins)
  • Deleted Scenes (7 mins)
  • Alternative ending (3 mins)
  • Poster Gallery (15 mins)
  • Stills Gallery (15 mins)

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