One-Armed Swordsman Trilogy - Available now!

IVL have sent through details on their 5th August 2004 Region 3 DVD release of the One-Armed Swordsman Trilogy. The latest addition to the Celestial Pictures remastered Shaw Brothers range features Jimmy Wang Yu in the classic 1967 original The One-Armed Swordsman and its 1969 follow-up Return of the One-Armed Swordsman, along with the 1971 entry The New One-Armed Swordsman with David Chiang taking over lead role duties.

This three-disc set presents the films digitally remastered in anamorphic widescreen with a choice of Mandarin and Cantonese Dolby Digital sound mixes. English and Traditional Chinese subtitles are also present.

Bonus features include: The Master - Chang Cheh, Competition Winning Student Animations, Behind-the-Scenes, Trailer, New Releases, Colour Stills, Original Poster, Production Notes, Biography & Selected Filmography.

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