Once Upon A Deadpool trailer: The Merc is back and this time he wants your money

The first Deadpool film made $780m and Deadpool 2, released earlier this year, racked up an equally healthy $730m or so. So why not make the sequel a PG-13, rename it Once Upon A Deadpool and add in a few extra scenes with Fred Savage? Because, y’know, it would be hilarious, right? Although, while it has made the cut in the US, it will still be rated 15 in the UK, which pretty much defeats the object and is probably why it will only be in cinemas for a single day over here.

The film will be 3 minutes shorter than the adult version and will include a few extra scenes along with the appearance of Fred Savage in a homage of sorts to The Princess Bride. There were a number of celebrity appearances last time round, with the inclusion of Matt Damon and Brad Pitt to name a few, so expect more to crop this time in a desperate attempt to show they have a sense of humour too.

Luckily, $1 of every ticket sold is going to the Fuck Cancer charity (renamed as Fudge Cancer to protect the kiddies), so there is at least something positive about Fox openly cashing in on its property. Check out the trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool above to see more.

This will be probably treated as a test case and if it is a success, expect to see other 18 or 15 rated superhero films re-cut and either reappearing in cinemas again after the initial release (Venom is eagerly waiting in the wings), or getting simultaneous releases alongside the proper versions.

Once Upon A Deadpool will appear in the UK cinemas for one night only, on December 11th. It plays in US cinemas on December 12th until Christmas Eve.

Head to the Once Upon a Deadpool website to book your tickets early.


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