Octane in May

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Octane for 24th May 2004. We have no technical details on this one so here is the promotional text direct from the press release...

This tense thriller from acclaimed British director Marcus Adams (UK box office hit Long Time Dead) explores the darkest side of the open road, painting a terrifying vision of the supernatural that lurks just beyond the headlights.

Senga (Madeleine Stowe - Twelve Monkeys, We Were Soldiers), a divorced and unsettled mum, is travelling home one rainy night with her troubled teenage daughter Natasha (Mischa Barton Notting Hill, The Sixth Sense). As they drive along, they start to happen upon strange goings-on at the roadside - a couple picnicking by crash-sites, a baby crawling up the centre lines of the road and a lone recovery man (Norman Reedus - Gossip, Blade 2) trawling the roads for new accidents. When they pull into a rest stop, they pick up a stranger who then mysteriously disappears into the gloom. As they continue their journey, Senga is distraught to find her daughter gone also, catching a glimpse of her disappearing into a haulage truck with the stranger. The fate of her daughter is left in her hands, but the people she turns to for help on this dark and lonely road are not what they seem.

Octane combines the horror of the supernatural with terrifying religious imagery, set against the atmospheric backdrop of the dark and open road. A truly original, gripping film, this is not one to watch alone.

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