Nutter bids to be a reviewer!

Someone who can only be described as a total nutter bid a total of £600 on UK auction site QXL in order to become the sites official DVD critic. The seventeen day auction received over 60 bids before Guy Carter placed his winning bid.

Guy apparently said "This is a great way for me to watch the latest films plus I get to talk about it afterwards to the attentive audience of the QXL community". So there you have it - maybe I've been going the wrong way all this time in my attempt to attract reviewers to DVD Times.

So, without further ado let's try the QXL method - bidding starts at £100 (reserve price £50,000). Winning bid gets to be a DVD Times reviewer.

Note: I'm not really running an auction, and we already have enough reviewers. Mind you if anyone wants to 'donate' stupid amounts of money to the site as well as their free time, who am I to stop them!!!

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