North & South: The Complete Collection in October

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of North & South: The Complete Collection for 5th October 2004 with a retail price of $69.98. This Emmy Award-winning powerful adaptation of John Jakes' best-seller tells the story of the turbulent events and emotions that ignited the Civil War. In the tradition of Gone With The Wind, this glorious epic focuses on the lives of two families who are geographically and ideologically placed on opposite sides of the war - The North and The South. The saga follows the families through their changing fortunes at home and the harsh realities of the battlefields until the South surrenders and the families are reunited in friendship. In the final instalment, the story of the two families continues through Post-Civil War Reconstruction into pioneer Indian territories.

Stars: Patrick Swayze, David Carradine, Georg Brown, James Read, Kirstie Alley, Philip Casnoff.

This five-disc set includes all three mini-series and The History of North and South, a retrospective documentary including commentary by Patrick Swayze, David Wolper, John Jakes and additional cast members. Aspects the documentary focuses on include:

  • An Epic Story: John Jakes and David Wolper discuss the story and mini-series
  • The Hazards: James Read and Kirstie Alley talk about their roles and the Hazard family
  • The Orry's: Patrick Swayze talks about his role
  • A Time and Place: look at the period and the south
  • An Epic Production: Civil War recreations and the scope of production
  • Memories: final thoughts from cast and crew

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