Nomadland trailer: Frances McDormand takes on the role of a modern-day wanderer

Chloe Zhao's latest film, Nomadland, was confirmed this morning as playing at this year's London Film Festival, with The Eternals director returning to the themes seen in her previous films. Both Songs My Brothers Taught Me and The Rider were centred on people living in the American Midwest and their connections to the land and tradition, and this looks to be very much in that wheelhouse. Based on Jessica Bruder's book of the same name, it will play at Venice on Friday, while also heading to the New York Film Festival and TIFF before release. Watch the teaser trailer for Nomadland above.

Following the economic collapse of a company town in rural Nevada, Fern packs her van and sets off on the road exploring a life outside of conventional society as a modern-day nomad.

Zhao directs, with Frances McDormand in the lead, and support from David Strathairn and real-life nomads Linda May, Swankie and Bob Wells.

Nomadland is currently scheduled to arrive in cinemas from December 4.

Nomadland (2020)
Dir: Chloé Zhao | Cast: Charlene Swankie, David Strathairn, Frances McDormand, Linda May | Writers: Chloé Zhao (screenplay by), Jessica Bruder (book)

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