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No One Knows About Persian Cats (R2) in July

Network Releasing have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of No One Knows About Persian Cats on 26th July 2010. From director Bahman Ghobadi (Half Moon, Turtles Can Fly), this Cannes Special Jury Prize winner stars Negar Sheghaghi and Ashkan Koshanejad as two young musicians from Iran.

Based on real events, the film follows two young musicians, Negar and Ashkan, who have been invited to perform in a gig in London. As a result, they embark on a frantic mission to assemble a backing band – by any means and any price possible – of the costly and elusive paperwork that is necessary to allow them to leave the country. Their search for musicians to complete their band takes the viewers on a journey of wondrous discovery into Iran’s illegal underground music scene featuring Persian rap, rock, jazz and blues artists.

They team up with fast-talking, compassionate yet sometimes elusive bootlegger Nader, who promises them packed out concerts, problem and hassle-free passports and visas. But as Negar and Ashkan try to convince other musicians to follow their lead, the risks that they are taking become all too apparent.

Priced at £15.99 RRP, extras include a making-of documentary and the theatrical trailer.

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