No new Buffy packaging

Well, it looks like there aren't any plans to repackage the Season 2 Buffy DVDs after all. Today Fox have sent out an e-mail offering free repacement DVDs to anyone who has scratched discs as a result of the packaging. The e-mail is laid out below, but it sort of squashes those rumours that a recall is in effect.

Thank you for notifying us of the problems you have experienced with scuffed discs in your copy of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2 DVD.

Whilst we appreciate that some of the packaging has caused difficulties with disc extraction, it is possible to remove the discs without detriment to their playing quality - please see below. NB: Instructions as to how to do this can also be found on

For those who have received disc(s) that have been scratched when originally packed or in any way damaged when removing them from the packaging, please return the disc(s) to the freepost address below. Please return only the damaged disc(s) and not the packaging. You will be sent replacement disc(s) supplied in plastic wallets*. Please ensure that you include your full name and the address to which you want them to be sent.


Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Thank you for your feedback on Buffy on DVD. Your constructive comments are much appreciated and will be taken into account for all future releases of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Video and DVD.


1) Place the book on a flat surface with the chosen pocket page pointing upwards
2) Press your thumb down on the edge of the pocket so as to "pop" it open. Use your forefinger to pull the edge away from the disc.
3) Place your other thumb in the hole of the disc and your other forefinger on the top edge of the disc
4) Withdraw the disc slowly and prevent any "spinning" of the disc as it is extracted.

  • Please allow 30 days for delivery. This option to replace discs damaged as a result of the packaging, is available until May 31st 2002.

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