Nicolas Cage Says I Am Wrath

He’s taking law into his own hands…again.

Anybody that thought The Exorcist and The French Connection director, William Friedkin might had lost his touch were silenced recently by a bucket of chicken and Matthew McConaughey’s unnerving Killer Joe. Now Deadline have reported that he’s got his eye on another project in the form of I Am Wrath which Nicolas Cage is set to star in.

Written by Paul Sloan, the film will see Cage as mild-mannered fella by the name of Stanley, who turns vigilante after the police fail to nab those responsible for murdering his wife. Set on unleashing his own bit of justice, Stanley slowly starts to learn that the police are in fact a bunch of corrupt coppers and plans to beat down anyone with a dirty badge.

On first glance, it sounds rather old hat territory for Ragin’ Cage-un’ but with Friedkin possibly taking the helm, I Am Wrath might be one to keep an eye out for. He had a good go at making audiences feel hugely unsettled with Matthew McConaughey, who knows what he’ll do with a crazy-eyed Nicolas Cage to play around with.

Nick Staniforth

Updated: Sep 12, 2012

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