New releases from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen switch to digital

New releases from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen switch to digital

Judd Apatow's comedy based on the life of Saturday Night Life star Pete Davidson, The King of Staten Island, has been confirmed as a VOD release that will arrive on June 12. Meanwhile, the Seth Rogen-led comedy, An American Pickle, has also been announced as an HBO Max release, with a date still to be confirmed.

The King of Staten Island had been slated to make its premiere at SXSW, but with the festival cancelled for this year and cinemas closed, the original June 12 theatrical release date was becoming increasingly uncertain.

An American Pickle stars Seth Rogen in a dual role that had originally been under Sony's umbrella. With Warner Bros. now taking ownership of the title it means that Sony only have three remaining titles currently lined up for cinema release in 2020: Monster Hunter, Connected and Happiest Season.

At the moment, the cinema release schedule remains a game of musical chairs as the coronavirus eats its way into profit margins. A number of studios are looking at ways to sell non-tentpole titles to cut back on costs, as cinemas may open again within the next month or two, they will be affected by severely reduced capacities and a lack of confidence from audiences.

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