New Pioneer DVD Recorders

Pioneer have just sent through details on their two new “affordable” DVD Recorders available from June 2004. Unfortunately they failed to include the retail price (as they so often do on hardware products) but a little research suggests these will sell for around £300 and £400 respectively...

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Pioneer DVDR-220

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Pioneer DVDR-320

Pioneer, a market leader and innovator in the field of DVD technology, today extends its innovative DVD recorder line up with two new additions; the DVR-220 and DVR-320. With form and function being two key elements, these new DVD recorders are ultra-slim and ultra-sleek. Not only do they look good but both recorders boast the very best quality in picture and sound recording as well as playback; making them the ideal enhancement for any TV or movie corner.

The new DVR-220 / DVR-320 feature Pioneer’s innovative Chase Play function, so users can watch the beginning of a recorded programme whilst still recording the end – perfect for those who arrive home half way through recording their favourite TV show. Both models also feature simultaneous recording and playback, allowing users to record a TV show onto a DVD-RW disc whilst simultaneously watching a programme already recorded on the disc!

Recording has never been simpler. The DVR-220 and DVR-320 DVD recorders feature the very latest in DVD technology easily accessible through an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), with Disc Navigator function assisting users in finding and / or editing their recordings. On-screen help guides the user to advanced functions such as frame-accurate editing. Automatic recording space searches and Disc History make disc management easier than ever. And if users wish to remove unwanted commercials from a movie: it’s there at the touch of a button!

“DVD recorders are becoming an integral part of home entertainment and it is no longer a case of standard functionality. Consumers today are demanding the best in picture quality and sound alongside first-class recording and editing functions. With the introduction of our DVR-220 and DVR-330, Pioneer has combined high quality imaging and sound with easy-to-use functions to deliver the most advanced multimedia interface.” says Jim Catcheside, Product Manager, Home Electronics and Multimedia Division, Pioneer GB Ltd.

Ease of use
The DVR-220 and DVR-320 include a host of features that make operating the recorder simple and easy to use:

  • Pioneer’s Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) includes on-screen help to explain key features and functions. Frame accurate editing to insert and delete scenes and the creation of playlists are also available through the GUI.

  • Pioneer’s Disc Navigator means users can find recordings at the touch of a button. Thumbnail images corresponding to each recorded title play within the thumbnail frame - with accompanying audio - helping users find their recordings as easily as possible.

  • Pioneer’s innovative Chase Play feature* means that users can watch the beginning of a recorded programme whilst still recording the end – perfect for those who arrive home half way through recording their favourite TV show!

  • For ease of navigation, the DVR-220 and DVR-320 provide multi-step fast-forward and fast-reverse scanning; the first forward scanning step plays back the recorded content - video plus audio - at 1.5x speed for quick yet still “comprehensible” viewing. Equally integrated are title-skip, multi-step forward and backward slow motion viewing, as well as repeat and programmed playback

  • The instant one-touch recording function is ideal for users in a rush to start recording. One press of a button and the DVR-220 / DVR-320 starts recording immediately – each press of the button corresponding to a 30-minute block.

  • No more searching for available space on a DVD: with the Disc History function information including the amount of free space on a disc is displayed for the last 30 discs loaded into the recorder.

  • On-screen access to all the DVR-220 / DVR-320’s functions and features, from programming to editing, is available through the Home Menu.

  • Timer recorder has never been simpler. It is an easy three step process; all users have to do is set the channel, recording quality and start/finish times.

    Ultimate recording
    Avoiding the clutter of videotapes, the DVR-220 and DVR-320 records on both DVD-R and DVD-RW media. Key features include:

  • Record between one to six hours of material, in both ‘DVD Video Mode’ or ‘DVD Video Recording Mode’, depending on desired picture quality and editing requirements.

  • A menu of selectable thumbnail images is created after a DVD-R / DVD-RW disc is finalised in DVD Video Mode to visually access recorded programmes on a compatible DVD-Video playback system. The recording modes are based on MPEG compression technology for real-time recording of high quality images.

  • Users can record tonight’s movie premiere whilst watching last night’s recording of Sex and the City with the simultaneous record and playback function*.

  • Recorded DVD-R and DVD-RW discs can be played in regular DVD players, including computer DVD drives compatible with DVD-Video playback, when recorded in Video mode.

  • DVD-RW discs recorded in ‘VR’ mode including playlist edits can be played in DVD playback systems featuring VR compatibility. All Pioneer DVD players and DVD home cinema systems include this functionality – indicated by the ‘RW Compatible’ logo mark.

    Digital transfer of your beautiful memories
    Users can view and edit their own digital camcorder footage in the best possible quality with the DVR-320. DVD content can be transferred digitally from the camcorder to the DVR-320 - and vice versa - via the DV (i.LINK) input/output interface.

    Movie masterpiece
    The DVR-220 and DVR-330 offer numerous editing possibilities and enable users to create movie masterpieces with the following features:

  • The Disc Navigator function enables users to perform advanced edits on DVD-RW media in DVD Video Recording Mode as well as creating a play list based on the original content. Multiple playlists can also be created based on the same original content – enabling users for example to make a different scene selection for the family and another for friends.

  • Frame accurate editing is also possible through the Disc Navigator. It allows the user to mark exact parts for deletion, meaning unwanted commercials that interrupt a movie can be deleted with high precision.

  • Pioneer’s picture quality adjustment function alters the brilliance and colour signals to create a perfect picture according to the source, allowing users for example to optimise the picture quality of old video tapes when transferring them to DVD.

    *Requires 2x / 4x speed DVD-RW media in DVD Video Recording Mode.

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