New features and a new poll

Over the coming couple of weeks I plan to upgrade a number of aspects of the site. I'm aiming to develop a little more sleek version of this front page - but my plans are a little big at the moment so it's going to take a while.

One thing you may have noticed is the Mail UK advert below. This is a new form of advertising we have developed which I am hoping will eventually do away with the more familiar banner ads. First up it allows advertisers the chance to publish more targetted adverts, highlight their special offers and also to get more coverage. It also means that you hopefully wont have to put up with so many banner ads slowing things up.

Of course, I'd like as much feedback on this as possible. What do you think of this new development? Is it a good idea? Is it better than having banners? Let us know what you think as the last thing I want to do is drive readers away.

I'd also like some ideas for things to add or change on the front page - I'm already planning to make different news types more easily identifiable, but is there anything else you'd like to see?

Feel free to e-mail or, preferably comment on this news item through the link below.

Finally, I've also added a new poll over on the right. This time we're trying to see what sorts of TV systems people have. The results so far are quite interesting - but it'll be even more interesting to see how things develop over the next couple of weeks of voting.

Colin Polonowski

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