New DVD Times Launched!

Welcome to the new look DVD Times. This is the first in a number of major changes the site will be undergoing in the coming months in terms of content, presentation and underlying technology.

The entire structure of DVD Times has changed and we've been hard at work moving the whole site to a new database and new content management system (monkeyCMS).

There are bound to be bugs, but we plan to iron these out over the coming weeks. There are also some features missing that we used to have. Most of these will return as we get the time to implement them with the new software, so expect to see user news, full charts and the content links return soon.

A BIG thanks has to go out to Barry Woodcock who developed all of the templates and the default look for the new site.

If you see any bugs, feel free to report them to us via email or by commenting on this news item.

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