New Blue Velvet Special Edition

What appears from early reports as the definitive release of David Lynch's classic Blue Velvet, the disc arrives in the US of A on June 4th.

Confirmed details include a newly sourced, director supervised 2.35:1 anamorphic print; a 70 minute in-depth documentary with new interviews with Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rosselini; Dennis Hopper; Laura Dern and Angelo Badalamenti - David Lynch also features, however, with his distaste of DVD extras, believing films should speak totally by themselves, his interviews are old and don't delve too deeply into the film.

Also included is a montage of deleted scenes, which while not featuring all of the two hours of supposedly deleted footage, shood however satisfy fans. Most of the deleted stuff is supposed to have been destroyed.

Finally, a short interview with Siskel and Ebert; a stills gallery featuring photo's of scenes never before seen; and a theatrical trailer and TV Spots.

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