New and reduced titles from Fox in July

Fox Home Entertainment have announced a range of budget priced titles for July including films on UK DVD for the very first time and other catalogue favourites at a new low price.

New to DVD on 19th July 2004 and retailing at £9.99 each are:

The Brothers McMullen - Ed Burns (Sidewalks Of New York) wrote and directed this highly acclaimed comedy about three Irish-Catholic brothers whose complications in love are rooted in their common experiences growing up in a violent family. Barry (Burns) has a commitment phobia, but his world is turned upside down when he falls in love with a beautiful girl called Audrey (Maxine Bahns). Jack (Jack Mulcahy) is feeling restless in his marriage but is under pressure from his wife Molly to start a family. Patrick (Mike McGlone) is a committed Catholic who is torn between his faith and his Jewish girlfriend. The brothers are brought closer together when their abusive father dies, and their mother leaves for Ireland with her lover. The men talk frankly about their relationships and troubles throughout this hilarious film.

How To Steal A Million - William Wyler (Funny Girl, Carrie) directs this highly entertaining comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole. Charles Bonnet (Hugh Griffith, Ben-Hur) is an art collector with a difference; he is also an expert forger and all his masterpieces are fakes. Charles lends his ‘priceless’ Cellini Venus to a museum in Paris, but his cover is nearly blown when they decide to carry out tests on the statue. He enlists his innocent and honest daughter Nicole (Hepburn, Breakfast At Tiffany’s) along with Simon Dermott (O’Toole, Lawrence of Arabia), a cat burglar, to steal the Venus back. As the chemistry develops between Nicole and Simon, so does their plan to steal a million. Cleverly written, with outstanding performances from all the cast, this delightful romantic caper is an essential part of any Hepburn fan’s DVD collection.

The Newton Boys - Directed by Richard Linklater (Slackers, Dazed and Confused), this crime drama follows the four Newton brothers (Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio and Skeet Ulrich) as they bank-robbed their way across the U.S. and Canada during the 1920s. They knew how to handle nitroglycerine and worked mostly at night, blowing up safes to steal insured money from banks. The Newtons considered themselves businessmen, and worked under a simple code – no killing, no stealing from women and children, and no snitching. They managed to complete their criminal careers without shooting anyone except one of their brothers, by accident! Julianna Margulies also stars as Louise, the cigar-store girl who falls in love with the oldest brother (McConaughey) without knowing his real name or occupation.

Picture Perfect - Jennifer Aniston (Friends, The Good Girl) stars as Kate, a single girl whose boss refuses to promote her as he believes she is less attached to the company than her married co-workers. Kate’s meddling mother also feels it’s time her daughter settled down and married, but Kate has set her sights on attractive co-worker Sam (Kevin Bacon, Mystic River) who is only interested in women that are unavailable. To solve Kate’s problems, her best friend Darcy (Illeana Douglas) creates a fictional fiancé for her – a man called Nick (Jay Mohr, Jerry Maguire) that in reality she has only met once at a wedding. Nick initially plays along, and Darcy’s plan seems to be working when Sam becomes interested in her and she gets promoted. However, things become complicated when Nick’s feelings for Kate turn serious…

The Diary Of Anne Frank - George Stevens (Giant) directed this 1959 film adaptation of the hit play based on the writings of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who hid in an attic with her family during the Nazi occupation. When Holland was invaded by the Germans in 1942, some of the Jewish refugees attempted to survive the war by hiding out, aided by sympathetic Dutch nationals. The Frank family hid above a spice business at 263 Prinzengracht, accompanied by a neighbouring family – the Van Daans and another man named Mr. Dussell. The film plays through the eyes of the Frank’s youngest daughter Anne (Millie Perkins) and the diary she kept documenting her captivity and telling of her struggle to cope with such claustrophobic living conditions. The Diary Of Anne Frank was nominated for 8 Academy Awards® including Best Picture and Best Director.

Titles reduced to £9.99 on 19th July 2004 are: Kung Pow: Enter The Fist, 24 Hour Party People, Pi, Austin Powers, Don't Say A Word, The Hole, and Home Alone 4

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