Naked Killer HKL Platinum Edition

Taken from the forthcoming Hong Kong Legends DVD release, Police Assassins (Disc Specifications Here) is the following information on their third 2-disc Platinum Edition release, Naked Killer, which is due in April. The features listed are...

  • Digitally re-mastered and restored DVD transfer
  • Interview Gallery with leading cast members
  • 16:9 Anamorphic Version
  • Full uncut version
  • DD5.1 Audio
  • Feature Length Audio Commentary
  • Animated Biography Showcase
  • Trailer Archive
  • Interview with Director Clarence Ford
  • Interview with Producer Wong Jing
  • Naked Killer re-visited
  • Doubling the Killer featurette
  • Photo Archive
As you can see the list is not all that long but considering this is a two disc set I would expect the Interviews, Documentary and Featurette to all have a considerable running length. It will be interesting to see whom the Audio Commentary features. Will HKL have gotten another leading lady to join Bey Logan a la the forthcoming February 25th Platinum Edition Red Wolf (Disc Specifications Here)? Or will it not feature Bey Logan at all? We can only speculate for now but the former possibility would make a great addition to the disc.

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