NAD Announce new AV Receiver

NAD have just announced the details of their latest AV Receiver, the T761. NAD have produced this as a no-nonsense receiver with few of the additional features of other AV Receivers, for example sound processing effects such as Jazz, Stadium et al to concentrate on the Pro-Logic and Digital circuitry.

The T761 has 80 Watt power output into 8 Ohm and discrete output stages, coupled with the patented Impedance Sensing Circuitry (ISC). ISC detects the impedance of the connected speakers and adjusts the power supply setting to cope with the specific load. It supports Dolby Digital and DTS but is also intended as an all in one solution for playback of stereo sources and includes an RDS Tuner.

Inputs include 5 Video, 3 Co-Axial and 2 TOSLink with pre-amplifier outputs for later upgrading. With an RRP of £649.95 the T761 will be available June 2001.

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