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Mussolini and I in August

Liberation Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of Mussolini and I on 6th August 2007 priced at £19.99. The darkest days of World War II set the backdrop for this epic story about the turbulent life and death of Benito Mussolini (Bob Hoskins), Italy's fascist dictator known as II Duce.

Alberto Negrin's lavishly produced drama traces Mussolini's vacillating relationship with his son-in-law, Count Galeazzo Ciano (Sir Anthony Hopkins), who's anti-Nazi sentiments place him, his family and II Duce in great jeopardy.

Susan Sarandon plays Edda, the spoiled yet passionate daughter of II Duce, who is torn between her love for her husband and her father.

This compelling drama reveals the dictator as a complex but flawed leader –a hero to his people, a traitor to his country and a loving father who allows politics to force him to doom the son-in-law he loves dearly.

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