Museum trailer: Gael García Bernal steals more than a slice of history

Playing at this year's London Film Film Festival, Museum (Museo), is a heist film based on a true story, that looks beyond what happens once the loot has been stolen. Since appearing at Berlinale earlier in the year the film has consistently picked up good reviews and will also be playing at TIFF later this week. Check out the trailer for Museum above to see more.

Well into their 30s, Juan Nuñez (Gael García Bernal) and Benjamín Wilson (Leonardo Ortizgris) still can’t seem to finish veterinary school or leave their parents’ homes. Instead, they wallow in comfortable limbo in the district of Satelite, Mexico City’s version of an American suburb. On a fateful Christmas Eve, however, they decide it’s finally time to distinguish themselves by executing the most infamous cultural artefacts heist in all of Mexican history, looting the country’s iconic National Anthropology Museum.

Alonso Ruizpalacios is directing with Simon Russell Beale, Lynn Gilmartin, Lynn Gilmartin and Ilse Salas all featuring in the supporting cast.

Museum will play in select theatres in the US mid-September. Tickets for LFF can be bought here from September 13th.

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