MUBI – what does February have in store?

It’s a busy month on MUBI this month with a huge range of new films including some brilliant award winners – including Tyrannosaur, Children of Men and Fish Tank.

In addition MUBI is thrilled to bring to UK audiences the work of Colombia-born, Paris-based artist filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán. The two works presented in this focus are part of the director’s “ethnographic fictions,” a practice which resides at the intersection of documentary, anthropology and drama to explore via oblique, evocative, personal and global paths issues surrounding colonialism, ethnography or female experience.
Black Sun (2016) delves into family history to unearths stories of struggles with mental health and artistic creativity, while La Libertad (2017), produced during Millán’s practical research at the Harvard Ethnography Lab, focuses on an indigenous community’s artistic practice of textile weaving, which Millán in turn adopts in the structuring of her film.

Here’s a list of all of the new features to arrive this month:

01/02/2019      Satan in High Heels / byNWR
02/02/2019      Tyrannosaur / Awards Season
03/02/2019      Children of Men / Awards Season
04/02/2019      Black Sun / Ethnographic Fictions: Spotlight on Laura Huertas Millán
05/02/2019      La Libertad / Ethnographic Fictions: Spotlight on Laura Huertas Millán
06/02/2019      On The Beach at Night Alone / Solving Puzzles: The Cinema of Hong Sang-soo
07/02/2019      Hotel Dallas / Berlinale Takeover
08/02/2019      Central Airport THF / Berlinale Takeover
09/02/2019      Paris, Texas / Wim Wenders: Journeys of No Return
10/02/2019      Fish Tank / Awards Season
11/02/2019      Pendular / Berlinale Takeover
12/02/2019      Claire’s Camera / Solving Puzzles: The Cinema of Hong Sang-soo
13/02/2019      Victory Day / Berlinale Takeover
14/02/2019      Submarine / Valentine’s Day
15/02/2019      Brothers of the Night / / Berlinale Takeover
16/02/2019      Winter’s Bone / Awards Season
17/02/2019      Foxcatcher / Awards Season
18/02/2019      The Day After / Solving Puzzles: The Cinema of Hong Sang-soo
19/02/2019      Tokyo-Ga / Wim Wenders: Journeys of No Return
20/02/2019      The Virgin Spring / Awards Season
21/02/2019      Beasts of the Southern Wild / Awards Season
22/02/2019      A Foreign Affair / Awards Season
23/02/2019      21 Grams / Awards Season
24/02/2019      A Separation / Awards Season
27/02/2019      Notebook on Cities and Clothes / Wim Wenders: Journeys of No Return
28/02/2019      Suite Française

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 02, 2019

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