Mosul trailer: The Russo brothers produce a SWAT team action thriller for Netflix

Since wrapping Endgame in 2019 the Russo Brothers have been kept busy producing other projects like Relic and Extraction, with Mosul another to add to that list. Their next directed film will be Cherry starring Tom Holland which is expected to arrive at some point next year. For now, they help bring this based-on-a-true-story action film to Netflix, which looks pretty run of the mill. Watch the Mosul trailer above to see for yourself.

When ISIS took their homes, families and city, one group of men fought to take it all back. After inexperienced Iraqi cop Kawa is rescued from a harrowing firefight by the elite Nineveh SWAT team, he's quickly inducted into the rogue squadron, a band of ten brothers-in-arms led by the wise Major. Under constant threat of attack, the unit embarks on a dangerous guerrilla operation, determined to wipe out an enemy base and restore order to the lawless territory.

Matthew Michael Carnahan (who wrote the likes of Deepwater Horizon and World War Z) writes and directs, with Adam Bessa and Suhail Dabbach starring in the lead roles.

Mosul is available on Netflix from November 26.

Mosul (2019)
Dir: Matthew Michael Carnahan | Cast: Hayat Kamille, Mehdi Lamrini, Suhail Dabbach, Thaer Al-Shayei | Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan

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