More UFO in June

Carlton Visual Entertainment is releasing a brand new UFO DVD Digi Pack on 10th June featuring Episodes 14-26 and thus completing the series. The digi-pack release comprises Volumes 5-8 which will also be available separately, with Volumes 5/6 available from June 10th and Volumes 7/8 available from August 12th.

Special features on the discs include an exclusive commentary with Ed Bishop, stills galleries, alternate opening sequence and deleted scenes gallery, main character profiles, Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation (SHADO)) dossier part 1 & 2, actor profiles, doppelganger illustrated text featurette, plus much more!

The UFO Collectors Edition DVD Digi-Pack is released on June 10th with an RRP of £49.99. UFO Volumes 5 & 6 will be available separately from the same day with an RRP of £15.99 each, with UFO Volumes 7 & 8 following on August 12th which also carry an RRP of £15.99 each.

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