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Entertainment in Video have announced two more titles. First up is the promising 15 Minutes starring Robert De Niro and Ed Burns play a homiced detective and arson investigator respectively. They have to track down a pair of Eastern European killers on a rampage across New York City. The DVD will feature two documentaries - 'The Tabloid Stars' and 'Does Crime Pay' along with deleted scenes with commentary and actual footage captured from an actor's perstpective. We also get rehearsal scenes, trailers and a music video. Retail price is £19.99.

Secondly we have Flesh Gordon, the cult soft-core spoof. Retailing at £19.99, the film is a parody of the classic 1930's Flash Gordon series with a little bit of an 'erotic' twist. Emperor Wong from the planet Porno launches a sex ray destined for Earth and there's only one man who can stop it - Flesh Gordon. Flesh, along with girlfriend Dale Andor and Dr Flexi Jerkoff must survive an Earth populated by sex mad fiends whilst trying to save civilisation.

Both discs will hit the shelves on 10 September.

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