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We have a bit of a mixed bag of announcements from Carlton for their discs in October/November. There's something for everyone - more Space: 1999, some Welsh comedy, a rerelease for Oliver Twist and Genevieve.

First up we'll have a look at Oliver Twist. Due on 29 October, this is the second release of the classic film starring Sir Alec Guinness, Robert Newton, Anthony Newley, Kay Walsh and John Howard Davis. This new collector's edition will retail for £15.99 and will be packaged in a special 'soft' collector's box. Details on the disc specs are unavailable.

Genevieve is also due on 29 October. This fast-paced comedy was produced and directed by Henry Cornelius from a script by William Rose. It stars Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson, Kay Kendall and Kenneth More. Details in the disc specs are currently unavailable.

As previously covered, Space: 1999, Series 2 is out on 12 November and will be joined by Barry Welsh is Coming – The Cream. The alter ego of Welsh comedian John Sparkes and star of an acclaimed HTV Wales TV series, Barry Welsh, travels the country conducting interviews to get to the bottom of all things Welsh. Sounds thrilling (!). The DVD will retail for £17.99.

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