More Criterion Releases in the UK?

Last week the BBFC classified 61-minutes of Extra Features for the Kevin Smith comedy, Chasing Amy. The extra features mimic the already available R1 Criterion Edition of said film which suggests Buena Vista are looking to release more pseudo Criterion Editions in the UK (after the Armageddon re-issue)...those extra features are...

  • Kevin Smith Introduction
  • Audio Commentary with Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, Ben Affleck, Jason Mewes, Robert Hawk, Jon Gordon and Vincent Pereira with Introduction
  • Ten Deleted Scenes with Introductions
  • Outtakes with Introduction
  • Colour Bars with Introduction (Easter Egg)
  • Trailers
In a strange turn of events it would appear that this R2 Criterion release from Buena Vista will initially be an HMV exclusive release on the 4th February while a full R2 release will take place sometime in October 2002! What this essentially means is that for you to buy the film in the UK before October next year you will have to purchase it from HMV - meaning the UK edition will be no cheaper than the already available R1!

For more information on what to expect from the forthcoming R2 release please read our Chasing Amy Criterion Collection review.

In more R2 Criterion News the BBFC have just passed a selection of special features for The Rock under the title of Rock - Criterion - DVD Bonus Compilation with a total running time of 76mins 23seconds and a 15 certificate. Another Buena Vista title it would appear that The Rock is up for the R2 Criterion treatment next although whether or not it will maintain the R1 bonuses such as a DTS Soundtrack and the fully uncut version of the film are questions we cannot answer just yet.

For more information on what to expect from the forthcoming R2 release please read our The Rock Criterion Collection review.

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