Momentum announce a budget collection

Not one to miss out on the party, Momentum have joined the growing number of studios to put out a budget range of DVDs. The Take One Collection will be launched on 25 March with each disc retailing at £9.99. All discs should be in their original ratio and some will also feature a few extras. The initial line-up will look like this (with technical details where known):

Carnal Knowledge

A Chorus Line
Features: Trailer

The Sicilian
Features: Trailer, photo gallery

Johnny Handsome
Features: Trailer

Cutthroat Island
Features: Trailer, making-of, behind-the-scenes interviews, storyboards, audio commentary by director Renny Harlin

Jesus' Son, 1.85:1
Features: Trailer

Cookie's Fortune, 1.85:1
Features: Cast and crew interviews, production notes, making of 'Cookie's Fortune',. featurette, trailer

A Room for Romeo Brass, 1.85:1
Features: Director's video diary, director's commentary, trailer

eXistenZ, 1.85:1
Features: 53 minute FX documentary - 'The Invisible Art of Carol Spier', exclusive 'Sega Dreamcast Interactive Menu', director's commentary, director of photography commentary, visual and special effects supervisor's commentary, trailer

Simpatico, 1.85:1
Features: Behind-the-scenes featurette, trailer

Nora, 1.85:1
Features: Cast and crew interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, theatrical trailer

Relative Values, 1.85:1
Features: Director's commentary, theatrical trailer

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