Miramax confirm Chungking Express for May

DVDFile.com have reported that Miramax will debut the Wong Kar-Wai classic Chungking Express, a film they seem to be incorrectly labelling as a comedy, in May this year. Expect a 1:85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, the original Chinese DD2.0 Surround Audio plus a Quentin Tarantino Introduction and wrap, and the original Chinese and US Theatrical Trailers. Retail is set at $19.95.

Fans are already slightly worried as the film should be presented in the 1:66:1 Aspect Ratio, although it is most likely a basic mistake. More worrying though is that the Miramax website contradicts the inclusion of the original Chinese language track and suggests an English track will instead be in place, this however also seems unlikely as I personally have never known Chungking Express to be available in English Dub format. This will almost certainly be a 'wait and see' release.

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